Covid Food Safety and Hygiene System Compliance

Food Safety and Hygiene System Compliance

It is understood that all businesses within the “Food Sector” should have a documented food safety system implemented that reflects their practices, however on reopening they will also need to demonstrate that polices & procedures have been updated to reflect any changes in practices and measures taken to defend against Covid 19. 

For hospitality premises re-opening, it is imperative that they can verify that food safety standards have been maintained and that they can meet Covid 19 compliance criteria. 

We believe if employees are confident in their practices, customers in turn will have confidence in both the staff and the premises.We can review policies and systems to ensure compliance with the “Return to Work Protocol” focusing on areas such as :

  • Staff Training & Competence
  • Awareness & Information provided to staff
  • Review of actions and measures taken to minimise the spread of Covid 19 in food service
  • Operational Food Preparation (Zoning > Suppliers Control & Traceability, Cross Contamination > Cleaning)

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