Covid Occupational Health and Safety Control Systems

We advise on Occupational Health and Covid Safety Control Systems

Recov Partners along with Government protocols, recommends that all clients before reopening should plan and then implement an occupational health and safety and critical systems certification programme and we can support in updating your operational health & Safety risk assessment and the safety statement to take account of Covid 19. Including:

  • Risk Matrix
  • Training of Safety Representatives
  • Management of; visitors, customers, suppliers and contractors to the premises
  • Workplace hazards reviewed
  • Updating Emergency Response procedures
  • Procedures on 19 Case Management
  • Managing employee mental health and wellbeing
  • Safe Systems for Remote Working
  • Workplace layout assistance to incorporate Physical Distancing
  • Procedures for employee use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Confirming the safe operation of Critical Hotel Property Systems such as fire equipment, building management systems, and lifts

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Under the new Government Restart Grants for Small /Medium Business.

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